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Consistent, reliable leads in your inbox begging to work with you in just 20 minutes a day on LinkedIn!

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It's NOT the time you have to spend on LinkedIn BUT what you DO in the time you have!

Stop faffing and wasting time on ad hoc activity that gets you nowhere and instead have a focused, workable LinkedIn plan of action, personalised to you and your business that you can follow in 20 minutes a day or less to attract hot buyers to you.

The LinkedIn Hot Buyers Method is a small-group but specifically tailored training programme that teaches you the tools, techniques and trade secrets to make this platform truly work hard for you.

“It’s so much more than LinkedIn training. It’s sales & marketing mastery!”

A step-by-step approach to mastering LinkedIn that takes place over the course of 10 weeks, the LinkedIn Hot Buyers Method is designed to help you create your personalised LinkedIn action plan giving you the clarity and confidence of knowing exactly what to do (and when) on LinkedIn to generate inbound enquiries.

You become strong and confident with LinkedIn as your primary lead generation platform that you no longer waste time on marketing activities that are never going to work for you.

What will the LinkedIn Hot Buyers Method actually do for me?

check mark Not only find your audience on LinkedIn – but actively get yourself on their radar

check markNot only start conversations – but build real relationships with the right people

check mark Not only create and share engaging content – but become even more naturally engaging in your own developed confidence

check mark Not only showcase your business effectively on LinkedIn – but start winning new business as a result of it

check mark Not only make LinkedIn work for you each and every time you log on to engage – but have it working for you like a well-oiled sales and marketing machine in the background when you’re not even thinking about it

What we cover LinkedIn Hot Buyers Method

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Starting in September 2022

The taught element of the programme is broken down into 10 weekly sessions, with each covering key aspects of building your LinkedIn strategy including:

Setting the foundation for success by setting LinkedIn up the right way
In this section I walk through how to set up your LinkedIn strategy template with the key metrics in place to measure success and your daily LinkedIn Activity checklist.

Setting up your lead generating LinkedIn profile
Your profile is shop front and a key step in your overall LinkedIn strategy. In this session we ensure your profile positions you as the expert and attracts and engages your audience.

Growing your network
Over a series of sessions, we look at all the different ways you can drill down and find the people you want to meet. Which works best for you depends on your business, so we look at each one, how they work, and then how to start building the relationship by connecting in the right way.

Raising your visibility
Posting and engagement is what gets you noticed on LinkedIn. We look at your content strategy, how to post for maximum impact and the engage process that will deliver the most visibility.

How to use direct messaging on LinkedIn to your advantage
Used well, direct messaging is massively powerful on LinkedIn and can be the fastest way to generate leads. The key is getting the messaging right. In this session we look at the different types and sequence of messages you can send on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn marketing tools
LinkedIn is rarely used in isolation as a marketing tool, so we look at how your efforts on LinkedIn can integrate and support your other marketing activities.

  • The LinkedIn Lady

    “Judy’s support and guidance landed me a substantial deal with a new client within my first month of the programme. In revenue terms I made 15 times what it cost to work with Judy!”

    Strategic HR Consultant

What you get inside The LinkedIn Hot Buyers Method

check mark blue10 x weekly LinkedIn training workshops (delivered live and recorded)

check mark blue Regular implementation sessions (focused time to help you put things into action and ask any questions you may have)

check mark blue A downloadable LinkedIn plan of action so you build your bespoke LinkedIn strategy during the training

check mark blue A training hub with all the handouts, worksheets and checklists and recordings

check mark blue Support via a dedicated private LinkedIn group where you can share your successes, what’s worked or not worked, discuss challenges, ask questions, and connect with other participants

check mark blue A one-to-one Power Hour taken at any mutually convenient time during your time on the LinkedIn Hot Buyers course or up to a month afterwards

What’s the investment?


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If I miss a session will there be a recording?”
Yes, all sessions are recorded and will be available from the training hub.

“Is there access to course material after the programme has finished?”
Yes, you will continue to have access to the material for as long as required, via the training hub.

Do I need to set aside time to work on LinkedIn outside of the course and if so, how much time should I set aside?”
Success on LinkedIn is about getting into a habit and seeing it as a key part of your overall sales and marketing activity. Ideally, attendees are asked to commit as much as possible to being on LinkedIn for 20 minutes a day initially to implement and embed the course content.

  • The LinkedIn Lady

    “Judy helped me understand my target audience, how to find them and gave me the know-how of what to post. Confidence was a big issue for me, but now I have a more confident approach, I’ve picked up new clients and am attracting more visibility and engagement.”

    Association Management Expert